Benefits of using Bolmapay?

Payment for digital content on Google play store

Send money to or request money from friends & family

Transfer money from wallet to bank, & or bank to bank

Airtime/Data Bundles& purchase

Cardless Withdrawal, &Paycode Generation

Pay Link, &Collect payment online

Utility payment, CableTV, Electricity

Automated Payments

Send Money

Everything you need to send instant payouts to anyone. Bolmapay provides the set of tools that allow you to transfer money to any bank account or mobile money wallet instantly..

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Bolmapay Paylink

Collect Payment from anyone without having a Bank Account.

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Bolma Cardless

With Bolmapay no need of ATM card to withdraw money in ATM or POS.

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For Developers provides API for developers/merchant, allow them to use paymable and earn commission


Freedom to do it your way

We always try to understand customers expectation

Tested and Trusted.

Thousand of Nigerians trust us with their money. We ensure that your money is safe by complying with the highest global security standards.

Bolmapay for you

Banked or unbanked, online or offline Bolmapay offers you a central place for simple money transfers.

Simple. Quick. Reliable.

Enjoy a smooth and stress-free money transfer experience across all your devices.


Bolmapay is a payment processing platform that enables users to make payment through self account creation, virtual card, card less withdrawal, bank transfer, pay link, crowd funding, utility and bills payments. QR Code payment via Scan –to- pay or show- to -receive payment from other bolmapay users.

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Bolmapay is wherever you are!